Fed up with the Elf On The Shelf? Here's The Krampus In The Corner !

Something special for the really naughty kids..... Unlike the Elf, Krampus does not speak in rhyme. Read along as he tells what horrors await you if you misbehave! Featuring 16 full-color, painted illustrations.
Lindsay and Justin Cristelli invite you to their first joint Kickstarter! Help us bring our "Krampus In The Corner" to life! The two artists have put their creative heads together for a picture book from the Krampus himself! Illustrated by Lindsay Cristelli and written by Justin Cristelli and even features a Krampus doll created by Lindsay!

It is creepy alternative to "Elf on the Shelf" ;) We need your help to make the nightmares of children all around the world come true this Christmas!